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Figure it out, man!

There is a great line in the movie Act of Valor when the SEALs are being chased by the bad guys and they find out that they are unable to go to any of their back up rally points to meet the rescue boats. One of the SEALs then tells the guys driving the truck that… Continue Reading

When you get, you give, uh wait, maybe that’s the other way around

I love movies.  One of my favorites is the original Karate Kid series (okay, not Karate Kid II so much but the first and third ones were cool). There is a great line in KK III, where the bad guy “Terry Silver,” (portrayed by Thomas Ian Griffith), tells the audience at the All Valley Under 18… Continue Reading

How much wasted intelligence is out there?

As a result of standardized testing and the importance placed on performing well, there is the strong potential that we have plenty of wasted intelligence out in the world. Many parents like to find out that their child is special – of course, because who wants a “normal” child, when you can have a “gifted” one? It makes… Continue Reading

Are fixed-mindset people successful? Yes, but are they happy?

I love stories about successful people – well, I guess that stands to reason as people typically don’t pay thousands of dollars to hear about someone who is a failure. However, what we often find out is that when we read or hear about successful people, they are successful because they overcame their failures. But… Continue Reading

Set in your ways? Probably not a good thing.

    What are the consequences of believing that your intelligence or personality is fixed, rather than something that you can develop and expand over time? That is the fundamental question posed by Doctor Carol Dweck in Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. Ever hear the old saying, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?… Continue Reading