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Recommended Reading

Below is a list of recommended reading for aviation security, airport management, and terrorism.

Aviation Security
1. Violence in the Skies, a history of aircraft hijacking and bombing, Philip Baum, 2016
2. Are we safe enough? Measuring and assessing aviation security, John Mueller and Mark Stewart, 2016
3. Permanent Emergency, inside the TSA and the fight for the future of American security, 2012
4. Bombers, hijackers, body scanners and jihadists, by Billie H. Vincent, former security director for the FAA, 2012.
5. General aviation security, aircraft, hangars, fixed-base operations, flight schools and airports, Daniel J. Benney Ph.D., 2013
1. Chasing ghosts, the policing of terrorism, John Mueller and Mark Stewart, 2016
2. Drones and Terrorism, asymmetric warfare and the threat to global security, Nicholas Grossman, 2018
3. The threat matrix, The FBI at war in the global age of terror, by Garrett M. Graff, 2011.
Emergency Management
1. The Unthinkable, who survives disaster and why, Amanda Ripley, 2009
2. Situational Awareness for Emergency Response, Richard Gasaway, 2013
3. America the Vulnerable, Stephen Flynn, 2004
4. Edge of Disaster, Stephen Flynn, 2007
5. Mission Improbable, using fantasy documents to tame disaster, Lee Clark 1999
Mask it or Casket

Mask it or Casket

Somehow, TSA has tasked their personnel and those individuals working at airports with mask enforcement duties. The FAA does not have a regulation for terminal buildings. The TSA regulations on terminal facilities focus on security, not on public health, so how this is enforced from a legal perspective is tenuous. Despite that fact, no matter… Continue Reading

How Can You Live at the Airport – Rent Free!

The recent story about an individual living at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport, apparently within the Security areas, is extraordinary. It is not that unusual to have homeless people, or others who are stranded in their travels, that live for a few days at the airport, but it is rare for that to occur in… Continue Reading

Domestic terrorism, drones, and the decline of Western Democracy

Domestic terrorism is clearly on the rise. According to the Center for Strategic and International Studies[1], as of 2020, right-wing groups and individuals comprise the majority of domestic terrorism incidents, particularly between 2014 and 2020. The assault on the U.S. Capitol seems to be the watershed moment when everyone is now paying attention and demanding… Continue Reading

Is Generation Zoom Going to Learn Anything?

Is Generation Zoom Going to Learn Anything?

It’s official. Generation Z now stands for Generation Zoom. For nine months, we’ve talked online, taught online, and trained online. But is anybody learning anything, or are we just marking time? I recently conducted a very comprehensive straw poll. I asked my three kids if they’re learning anything. I have one in elementary school, one… Continue Reading

Message to the Aviation and Aerospace Science Graduating Class Fall 2020 – MSU Denver

A message from Jeffrey Price, professor MSU Denver and owner of Leading Edge Strategies, an aviation security and airport management training and consulting firm, shares a special message of hope to the 2020 graduating class of aviation and aerospace science. To the graduates of the Department of Aviation and Aerospace Science Fall of 2020. You’re… Continue Reading

A Few Good Minutes of Aviation Safety and Security News – Episode 5

On this episode, Jeff discusses imagining the unimaginable. As the airline industry rebounds after the pandemic, what will the industry look like? Tune in for this and more!   Transcript – Plus Bonus content! Imagine the Unimaginable  The key to overcoming video conferencing is in aviation’s future, not it’s past By Jeffrey C. Price Imagine… Continue Reading