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The solution to situations like Istanbul isn’t more screening, it’s Customer Service.

The suicide attack at Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport highlights the necessity of keeping airport security lines short and moving fast. A line of hundreds of people waiting for thorough security screening may lead to greater safety once past the screening point, but the line itself becomes itself a vulnerable target for terrorists. Reacting to long wait times… Continue Reading

It’s Not “Profiling”, It’s “Behavior Detection”… And It Does Work

Recently, information came to light about part of a program implemented and used by the TSA since 2007 as a way to identify potential terrorists and subject them to closer inspection. The program has been criticized as being based on flawed scientific principles, and because none of the passengers detained were subsequently arrested for terrorist activities.… Continue Reading

Sky Marshalls – To be or not to be

I was getting ready to slam Adam Minter here about this article, then I read through it carefully. He has several good points and from what I can tell, this is a fairly well researched piece. First, it’s hard to measure deterrence. Can anyone tell me how often a criminal decided to steal another car… Continue Reading

The Airport ID Badge

It goes by many different names. Officially it is called the Access/ID Media, but there are various forms. There are badges that only identify the individual, then there are those that identify the individual and allow them to access doors and gates around the airport property. There have been some recent media reports about personnel… Continue Reading

What will 2013 bring us in aviation security?

12th Annual AAAE Annual Aviation Security Summit and looking towards the threats in 2013 Hyatt Regency Crystal City Alexandria, VA The annual aviation security summit brought out a good line of speakers this year, featuring decision makers and policy makers, not notetakers and staffers, which always makes for a beneficial conference. Gold stars for AAAE’s… Continue Reading

The Real Problem with TSA (and the industry)

I say this knowing full well that I am an educator, a trainer in the aviation security industry, and the co-author of a textbook on aviation security, but the real problem with TSA (and many others in control of aviation security), is the lack of individuals that are formally trained in aviation security and who are unfamiliar with the aviation industry.

Myself and my industry counterparts have seen it for years. In fact, ever since TSA was formed, the problem has remained the same. TSA was started with tons of people who, while good intentioned, did not possess experience in aviation nor in aviation security. Many airport operators also put people in charge of aviation security who may have had good law enforcement or military backgrounds but did not understand aviation. Continue Reading

Swine Flu at an airport – confirmed

Authorities have confirmed that the swine flu has been diagnosed in a Colorado man who works as a baggage handler at Denver International Airport. Click here for the story. Also, the FAA has issued a Safety Alert for Operators. There is a checklist of actions you can compare your airport’s response plans to at the… Continue Reading