Practical Aviation Security 3rd Edition

The new 4th edition of Practical Aviation Security, set to come out January 2024. 
The new edition will feature significant updates to the cybersecurity (aircraft, airport and navigational systems), unmanned aerial vehicle and threat matrix sections, plus additional information on physical security of the airport public areas. The entire text is being revised and updated, including new information on the impact of the pandemic on aviation security, and new technologies being implemented into the security screening checkpoints. Professor support materials will also be updated.


Practical Airport Operations, Safety and Emergency Management: Protocols for Today and the Future


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Arcadia Press

Denver Airports: From Stapleton to DIA
By Jeffrey C. Price, Jeffrey S. Forrest, Shahn G. Sederberg with a Foreword by Ginger Sunday Evans.

Part of the Images of Aviation series by Arcadia Press, this book tracks the history of Denver’s commercial service airport, from Denver Municipal Airport to Stapleton International Airport to Denver International Airport.



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