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ACE Security Refresher – AAAE
Been a while since you achieved your ACE Security? Take the ACE-Security refresher course, which concentrates on the critical elements needed to stay an effective airport security professional. The course covers attacks on aviation since 2015, the changes made in credentialing, and the industry’s new approach to public area security.
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Understanding Inspection & Compliance Measures
Airport operations and security personnel are often the first responders to security-related incidents and are the vanguards for keeping a safe, efficient, and secure airport. A wrong decision can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, delay critical airport construction projects, or even result in delayed or canceled flights. This course provides both operations and security personnel the necessary information and perspectives on the basics of securing a public-use airport. Register today!
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ACE Security Training Course
This ACE Security Training Course is a 4-day program offered virtually and provides a comprehensive review of the ACE-Security modules in preparation for the 100 multiple choice examination on the last day of the course. The content of the body of knowledge contains a blend of U.S. and international regulatory advisory information that is intended to establish a baseline of aviation security knowledge for professionals working in this dynamic environment. Individuals who wish to register for this virtual training course and wish to take the certification exam to potentially earn the ACE designation must also be enrolled into the ACE-Security program. It is encouraged that candidates who attend this review course thoroughly review the ACE-Security modules prior to the first day of the virtual course. This course meets CFR 49 Part 1542.3 (Airport Security Coordinator) and individuals who attend this virtual review course will also receive the Airport Security Coordinator (ASC) certificate.
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Certified Member Program – AAAE
Becoming a Certified Member (C.M.) is a great way to show employers your dedication to your airport career. The program is open to Affiliate, Associate, Participating, Corporate, Military and Academic Graduate members of AAAE and Affiliate, Associate and Corporate members of IAAE. Certified Member is a useful credential when seeking employment within the airport management profession and for students and corporate members who interact with airport professionals.
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On Demand – A powerful 10 session online course through AAAE.

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Incident Report Writing Virtual Workshop – AAAE
Incident report writing is a critical skill. Your reports, incident scene investigation and interview notes and logbook entries become documents that can be subpoenaed in court. In addition, you may asked to give testimony soon after the event, or possibly years later. The only frame of reference you have to prepare will be what you put into your report. Registration includes training content and presentations. Recordings of sessions will be available for review for 90 days after the course.
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Incident Command Strategies for Airports
If you have been in airport emergency management for any length of time, you know that incident command can be a challenge. Off-airport responders often are not familiar with the airport environment; there are challenges with who the incident commander should be and where the lines of authority are drawn. Even if you think you have “solved” these problems, you may not be happy with those solutions. ICS for Airports provides you with three different strategies for implementing an effective airport incident command system or revising an existing program. Even if you don’t wholly implement these programs, you will come away with ideas for improving your incident management effectiveness.
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Sept. 21, 2021 | 10 a.m.-3 p.m. ET | Live Online
Airport Security Coordinator (ASC)Training School – AAAE

Brush up on important tools that make an airport function safely and efficiently by attending this course. Learn the latest requirements outlined in TSR Part 1542, including:

  • TSA organizational structure and responsibilities 
  • TSA rule making, policy and guidance 
  • SIDA, access control issues, perimeter intrusion and biometrics 
  • Requirements of an airport security program 
  • Law Enforcement Operations, Contingency Plans and Incident Management 
  • Emergency preparedness and incident command 
  • Criminal History Records Check (CHRC) and the Transportation Security Clearinghouse (TSC) 
  • Terrorist-related issues

*Title 49 CFR Part 1542 requires that an Airport Security Coordinator and a designated alternate attend ASC training (TSR 1542.3). Breakfast, lunch and two refreshment meals are included in the meeting registration.

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Airport Certified Employee (ACE) Security Course – AAAE
Designed to establish a general knowledge base for airport professionals working in the fluid security environment. The program is an extensive curriculum based on 49 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) – 1500 Series: TSA Regulations and the ICAO Annex 17. The Course not only meets the TSA 1542.3 requirements for Airport Security Coordinators (ASC)* and alternate ASC’s, but also builds upon the existing working security knowledge of aviation professionals. Take advantage of this unique program and earn your comprehensive security certification today. Designed for aviation personnel tasked with security responsibilities from the airport, air carrier, indirect air carrier and general aviation sectors. * If taking part in the self-study program, ASC certification does not apply. One must to take part in an ACE Security Review Course in order to be eligible for an ASC certificate.
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Aerodrome Certified Employee (IACE) Online Training
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On Demand Training
The 7.5-hour online IACE course is available in English and Spanish in an unprecedented interactive format that the student can complete on his/her own schedule. Following a final test, successful candidates will be able to print the IACE certificate and use the IACE designation.

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See Jeff Price’s full bio on the AAAE website. 


It was an honor to go through this process and earn the designation with such a great group of industry professionals. Jeffrey C Price, MA, CM, CPP did an amazing job delivering the material…R. Collins, C.M., ACE


Last Monday-Friday, I attended the Loretta Scott Training for my CM… If you are on the fence about this training or the CM program then I would like to encourage you to make the decision to do this. Our instructor, was a difference maker for me in being able to learn and retain this amount of information. I went in with extremely limited knowledge related to any of the areas of operations outside of my own (Marketing/PR), but was able to follow and learn because of Jeff’s teaching style and interaction with us in class. Of all of the conferences and industry events that I have attended in both aviation and outside of this field, I can 100% assure you that this class was the best use of my time and money that I have ever experienced. The things I learned are going back to my airport with me and making a difference. I encourage you to attend and to send your Marketing / PR people if they haven’t attended. Thank you to and to Jeff for providing this outstanding program. ” – J. Kuner, C.M.


“…it’s obvious (that Jeff) has been doing this awhile and has a passion for teaching, and finding effective ways to prepare students.   While there was an incredible amount of information crammed into a week’s time, the way the program/class was designed, presented and organized, and the methods Jeff used and encouraged us to utilize to prepare for the exam, were a huge help.    It was one of the better classes I have taken, and one that I actually enjoyed – which makes learning that much easier.” – Brian L. Wayne County Airport Authority


“Thanks so much for your efforts this past semester…the CM exam was tough but thanks to your masterful “leading edge” teaching strategies, and wonderful way of making complex concepts easy to understand, I am now an AAAE A.M.!

I have to be honest, the test was very tough, and I had some doubt if I was successful, especially after falling four points short twice! You can imagine my surprise when I saw my score of 86.67! You helped me gain a plus 20 points!!!!

Thanks again, and please feel free to share this testimonial with anyone whom you feel may be encouraged!” – Lou S. Department of Aviation, Farmingdale State College


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