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Middle School: Wonder Years Meets, “wonder who she is?”

Welcome to middle school. The younglings are becoming little adults – middle schoolers are not as cute as children or as fascinating as teens, says Madeline Levin, author of Teach Your Children Well. Welcome to acne too! We’re talking about the ages of 11-14 as kids try to adjust to their growing body and the social dynamic… Continue Reading

If a Holocaust/concentration camp prisoner can find meaning in their day, can you?

In his book, Man’s Search for Meaning, author Victor Frankl talks about how some victims of the Holocaust were able to find meaning in their lives. Frankl’s book is now very well known, as is his strategy for surviving one of the worst travesties in the history of man. Frankl, and others like him, who… Continue Reading

Why do we think we’re so damn special?

Our brains also look for patterns and connections – people who are good at recognizing patterns can be successful in many endeavors – those who cannot, tend to repeat the same mistakes over and over, and wonder why they do that. Ever hear the term,  “everything happens for a reason.” We tend to say this whenever… Continue Reading