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Are we paying too much for Airport Security?

Are you paying too much for Airport Security measures? According to a recent study, yes. But, before you take a gigantic ax to your next years annual security budget, consider what the study assessed, and more importantly, what it didn’t. The study was published in the Journal of Air Transport Management looked at the “Cost-benefit… Continue Reading

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and the subsequent finding that two of the passengers on board had stolen passports has stirred up plenty of speculation that terrorism could be involved. And it could. But, without additional information there are also numerous other possibilities. The criminal community often will use fraudulent documents and stolen credentials… Continue Reading

LAX Terminal Shooter: Should TSA Be Armed?

As more information continues to come out about the incident in Los Angeles, the question I have been getting most today relates to whether TSA screeners should be armed. Well, here’s some insight – there are TSA personnel that are armed. Obviously the air marshals, but also the Assistant Federal Security Director for Law Enforcement.… Continue Reading

TSA: Sleeping on the Job

A recent Government Accountability Office report (click here for the report) showed TSA personnel sleeping, showing up late to work, abusing leave time and other lesser infractions, but along with those they also found TSA personnel guilty of theft, and allowing friends and family to bypass the screening checkpoints. The GAO office identified more than… Continue Reading

PreCheck to open for more people, and probably get slower

The original intent of PreCheck, TSA’s risk-based security strategy to allow known travelers alternative screening, meaning they can keep their liquids and laptops in their bag, their jacket and belts on and their dignity and efficiency in place, is about to expand to the masses. PreCheck originally rolled out for airline frequent flyers (and it’s… Continue Reading