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Airport doth Protest

Operations were disrupted at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, when activists from Black Lives Matter were able to shut down at least one terminal at the airport, for a period of time, and caused traffic jams for inbound travelers. Other airport operators should pay close attention as this may become a more popular form of protest moving… Continue Reading

15th Annual AAAE/DHS/TSA Aviation Security Summit, Part I

Many who attended this year’s Aviation Security Summit were disappointed that industry leadership unfortunately did not get the opportunity to meet with the new TSA administrator, Peter Neffenger. According to his representatives, he has had a heavy travel schedule and was feeling under the weather. Particularly unfortunate because his first exposure to the airport security… Continue Reading

State Department Issues Worldwide Travel Alert

The US State Department today issued a worldwide travel alert in effect until February 24, 2016. The alert was issued because authorities believe the likelihood of terrorist attacks will continue, and that terrorists will employ both conventional and nonconventional weapons and targeting official and private events and interests. So what does this mean? Should you… Continue Reading

Time for an Active Shooter Review

The situation in France reminds us that terrorist or criminal active shooter events can happen anytime, anywhere. What should you do if you’re caught up in an active shooter incident? First, review the City of Houston’s excellent video, Run-Hide-Fight. This is the fundamental active shooter strategy. Schools, airports, sporting venues, concert halls may have slightly different… Continue Reading

What Passengers Flying to France can Expect

With France closing its borders, passengers are left to wonder, what’s next? For the most part, when a country shuts down flights, the airlines treat it like a massive weather delay. Aircraft already en route are diverted to other airports, and aircraft that have not yet departed will be held at their point of departure. Based… Continue Reading

DHS Announcement on Metrojet 9268

DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson just released at statement on aviation security enhancements in light of the recent crash of a Russian airliner. The statement is posted here, followed up by my commentary. STATEMENT BY SECRETARY JEH C. JOHNSON CONCERNING AVIATION SECURITY ENHANCEMENTS PENDING INVESTIGATION OF THE CRASH OF METROJET FLIGHT 9268  While the facts and… Continue Reading

Gerardo Hernandez Airport Security Act

The challenge with aviation security in the past several years is it’s tendency to become a huge game of whack-a-mole. Every time one threat is identified, we turn all our resources to hitting that one, then another one pops up. What we need are comprehensive solutions that improve the “system,” and that continue to improve the system as threats… Continue Reading