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Gerardo Hernandez Airport Security Act

The challenge with aviation security in the past several years is it’s tendency to become a huge game of whack-a-mole. Every time one threat is identified, we turn all our resources to hitting that one, then another one pops up. What we need are comprehensive solutions that improve the “system,” and that continue to improve the system as threats… Continue Reading

Dear Admiral Neffenger, Part V

Part 5 of 5 in a series on fixing aviation security. Dear Admiral Neffenger, TSA needs to embrace SeMS – Security Management Systems. SeMS is already up and running through IATA and ICAO. Here in that States, the FAA has been dragging its feet on SMS (Safety Management System) for years although it’s a proven… Continue Reading

Dear Admiral Neffenger, Part IV

Part 4 in a series of 5, on fixing aviation security. Dear Admiral Neffenger, We need to get the word out to the police and airport security community on the real threats, so we can focus our limited time, resources and money on the actual threats. I heard a Sheriff the other day at a… Continue Reading

Should We Ban Guns From Airports?

Recently, one of our lawmakers introduced a bill to ban guns from airports, which begs the question “Is this the right thing to do?” (read the full article) I find this to be an interesting question. Let’s hear some feedback. I live in Colorado, a State that’s experienced both Columbine and the Aurora movie theater shooting,… Continue Reading