As it seems the search for Malaysian flight 370 is starting to fall farther back in the news cycle, and the growing trend that more experts are thinking this is a safety not a security incident (such as a fire or rapid decompression), there are a few recent reports regarding airport security worthy of mention and commentary.

First is a report in the Journal of Air Transport Management titled: Cost-benefit analysis of airport security: Are airports too safe?

Second, the TSA has issued its recommendations after the active shooter incident at LAX last November and the report on the incident has also been released.,0,7236636.story#axzz2xbCK2bqr

In order to avoid the common sin of not actually reading and studying these documents before commenting on them (you know, like I do when I’m on TV), I wanted to pass along these links to you for your study as well. Once I’m through reading them thoroughly, look for blogs on each topic.

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