Playing with Fire

Absurd: wildly unreasonable, illogical or inappropriate. Pick one of these descriptors and they all apply to the recent news about Erroll Southers, President Obama’s appointee to head TSA.

So now some information has come out about Erroll Southers and that he forgot to tell Congress about an alleged misdeed he did about 20 years ago. Well, so what?

First, remember that this is how people are attacked today when someone has a beef and no legitimate argument to stand on. See, a certain Congressman has a problem with Southers’ views on TSA employees receiving collective bargaining so he has held up Southers’ confirmation to be the director of TSA. Rather than debate Southers on the subject, it seems it’s easier to just try to discredit him so people are digging for dirt. That’s nonsense considering that TSA desperately needs leadership right now.

Second, how many of us remember what we said or did 20 years ago? I know we’ve all done things we regretted and we’ve made mistakes, even significant ones, but to have to remember every misdeed is just ridiculous. Plus, why are we holding people to The Jesus Standard? Seems everyone appointed to office today is supposed to be mistake free, sin free and make everyone happy. Again, absurd.

Third, let he who is without sin throw the first stone. The private lives of our elected officials are often very well protected. Their DUI’s, under-the-table dealings, brushes with the law and their sins often do not make it to the light of day, particularly things they did 20 years ago. And even once exposed, we, as American’s tend to be very forgiving when the person admits their wrongdoing and attempts to go forth and sin no more. Anyone remember Ted Kennedy and Chappaquiddick? While that was a big mistake, it did not prevent Kennedy from going forth to do good.

Erroll should be allowed a pass on this. No one can uphold a “perfect” standard (except Jesus and look what they did to him for it), and at the end of the day, this is just an attempt to discredit a good man who is the right man for this job. TSA, particularly at a time like this, doesn’t need another Admiral, or Secret Service agent or organizational specialist. They’ve had all those folks and some did good and some not so good. What TSA needs now is a person from the field who understands aviation security and can implement the strategies we need to provide protection for us in the future. Please support his nomination.


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