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Aviation Security Summit – General Session III

Aviation Security Summit – General Session III Risk Based Security Initiatives Mark Crosby, A.A.E. Chief of Public Safety and Security, Port of Portland Paul Leyh GM Commercial Aviation, TSNM, TSA Ken Sava, Director, Trusted Traveler, US CBP Phil Gilbert, Manager, Security Compliance, American Airlines Wendy Reiter, Director, Aviation Security and Emergency, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (written… Continue Reading

Aviation Security Summit – General Session II Q

Aviation Security Summit – General Session II Carter Morris; Moderator, Senior VP, Transportation Security Policy, AAAE Robin Kane, Asst., Admin & Chief of Technology, TSA John Sammon, Asst., Admin, Transportation Sector Management (TSNM), TSA Mark Dolan, Acting General Manager for Operational Performance and Screening Operations, TSA (written in real-time during the session – please forgive… Continue Reading

11th Annual AAAE/TSA/DHS Security Summit

Dateline: 11th Annual AAAE/TSA/DHS Security Summit, Washington DC Opening Session: Chip Barclay, President, AAAE, and TSA Administrator John Pistole (written in real-time during the session – please forgive grammatical and structure errors) In typical “FBI” format, Administrator Pistole gave a short, to-the-point briefing on where TSA will be in 2012. The presentation, which only lasted… Continue Reading

Ideology Dies Hard, maybe we need Bruce Willis

Ever notice in all the Die Hard movies that once the bad guys are dead, they stay dead? They don’t continue to inspire hundreds if not thousands of others? Too bad movies don’t imitate real life. For the past few years, YouTube has been the place for those really upset with society to get their… Continue Reading

You can’t go your own way

Let’s Make a Deal – behind door number one is a no-hassle trip to your airplane, with no guarantee it will be hijacked or bombed. You’ll be flying old school. Behind door number 2 is a body imager, whereupon your saturated fat bursting self will be viewed in all its unglamorous glory by people you… Continue Reading


It was never my life’s mission to become an aviation security “expert.” In fact, I had only recently gotten out of a commercial airport security position and fully into general aviation airport management, when 9/11 happened. My intent at that time was to continue working at the airport and maybe pursue a career change into… Continue Reading

Al-Qaeda “tweets” a panic attack

What does a woman in Mexico tweeting about non-existent school shooting attacks and a government warning about a plot by al-Qaeda to use small, explosives filled aircraft to attack U.S. targets, have in common? They are both efforts to create fear and panic, and to cause us to spend more money to chase our tails.… Continue Reading

TSA wants to talk to you

It’s too early to tell if TSA’s new approach to behavior detection will work. Click here for full story. Unfortunately, the United States has a history of taking something that works really well, adapts it, but not without taking out the thing that made it effective in the first place. Hopefully, this will not be… Continue Reading

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