That Funny Feeling

Whenever I teach body language reading or lie detecting through body language, the biggest challenge is trying to remember all of the individual little tells that people use to try to cover their own BS. Probably one of the most popular forms of body language detection is through the use the holy grail of behavior detection… Continue Reading

The Lying Meter

Wouldn’t it be awesome if whenever someone was talking to you, a little meter popped up over their head, with a needle that pointed from Truth to Total BS? That way you’d know whether to trust them or not. Well, in a way, that’s what body language does – you just need to know how… Continue Reading

Why Shouldn’t Airports Pay for Exit Lane Coverage?

TSA’s recent announcement that they are transferring the guarding of the exit lanes (from the sterile area) from their control to airport control, has caused a lot of heartache throughout the industry, both in terms of policy-making and policy-implemetation. The strategy represents a shift of how TSA has worked with industry since 9/11 and also… Continue Reading

We are all a nation of liars

No one likes being lied to, but everyone lies! Yet, we still consider ourselves good people, so we feel guilty that we’re lying which allows certain behaviors to “leak” out (Driver 15). Lying is a natural part of life (Driver 15).  We try to teach our kids not to lie, but then we turn around… Continue Reading

We all talk to ourselves anyway, why not say nice things then

When I read a lot of psychology or self-help books I see a lot about visualization, talking to ourselves, imagining how we want to be and actually seeing ourselves in the situation. For the longest time I too thought it was a lot of psycho-babble nonsense, but then the realization hit me. We all talk to ourselves, we… Continue Reading

America may have talent, but that doesn’t mean it has success

One thing I’ve noticed in watching all the reality TV shows, is that while there is no lack of talent in America, talent alone does not get you success. Desire is more important than reality (Baum 33). Remember Rocky? It’s the classic American tale – effort and persistence in the face of adversity is more… Continue Reading

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