Fred works at Barnes and Noble

I love books and bookstores. Growing up an only child there obviously wasn’t a sibling around so books became my closest companions. They were always available and never let me down. So naturally, I love bookstores. My local Barnes and Noble is my hangout and despite the electronic book phenomena, I firmly believe that bookstores… Continue Reading

The only thing we have to fear, is the courts ruling that we have something to fear!

Recently, a former airline employee won a $1.4 million judgment against Air Wisconsin Airlines for reporting him as a potential security risk. The Colorado Supreme Court denied Air Wisconsin immunity from the defamation lawsuit, which is now headed to the US Supreme Court. This will be a landmark decision as it may make people afraid to… Continue Reading

Diversity is the way we make good decisions

How we make decisions is an argument between our rational and emotional brains. We should always at least entertain competing hypothesis (Lehrer 247) and continually remind ourselves of what we don’t know (Lehrer 247). General and former Secretary of State Colin Powell, in the first Gulf War used to tell his intelligence officers to first… Continue Reading

Let go of your conscious self and act on instinct

Have you ever had that situation in which you struggled with a problem and when you thought of the answer it was so obvious that you wondered why it took you so long? That’s essentially because your mind has been spending its time coming up with numerous, largely worthless solutions, before the eureka moment (Lehrer… Continue Reading

Why you should carry cash

If our dopamine is supposed to help us make good decisions, why do we continue to make bad decisions, like getting into debt, thinking irrationally, and pursuing the short term benefit, rather than seeing the long-term outcome?  Because dopamine isn’t the only thing working inside our heads. Hey, ya like losing? Right. Me either. That’s… Continue Reading

Dope is my co-pilot

Dopamine. Turns out that little awesome molecule is an awesome indicator predictor of events and helps us make decisions (Lehrer 34-35). When our nuclear accumbens (NAcc) is stimulated (that’s a part of our brain that generates pleasurable feelings) it triggers a massive release of dopamine (Lehrer 34-35). Continuous stimulation of the NAcc renders us worthless,… Continue Reading

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