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How do I win friends and influence people, digitally?

Dale Carnegie is one of the uncontested leaders of the human performance movement. Growing up, his name was frequently invoked in my house as my mom once took one of his courses. Years later, I came to discover that many of Carnegie’s principles were regurgitated and rediscovered over and over in the works of many… Continue Reading

Baby in Vegas! A 9-Year-Old Hops Flight from Minneapolis to Las Vegas

News is breaking today about a nine-year-old boy who slipped through security and made it on a flight from Minneapolis to Las Vegas. You will soon hear that the individual slipped through “airport” security but that is not entirely accurate. I am careful to use the word “aviation” security rather than airport security as apparently… Continue Reading

Paranoia will destroy ya, and so will anger and guilt

The last three pieces of Head Trash addressed by Tish Squillaro and Timothy I. Thomas in their book, HeadTrash!: Cleaning out the Junk That Stands between You and Success, are Anger, Guilt and Paranoia. While anger it is normal for everyone to experience at times, anger typically doesn’t make anything better. It may solve a short-term problem but… Continue Reading

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