Should We Ban Guns From Airports?

Recently, one of our lawmakers introduced a bill to ban guns from airports, which begs the question “Is this the right thing to do?” (read the full article) I find this to be an interesting question. Let’s hear some feedback. I live in Colorado, a State that’s experienced both Columbine and the Aurora movie theater shooting,… Continue Reading

DHS Exposes Weaknesses in TSA Security

The latest report about DHS red team personnel able to get prohibited items through screening checkpoints without being detected, an average of 95% of the time, is extraordinary. Even more extraordinary though is why the items were not being detected. According to the inspectors, the failures were “caused by human and technology-based failures,” John Roth,… Continue Reading

Lost Airport ID Badges, the Real Story

Several news stories have addressed concerns about lost and stolen airport ID badges. Before everyone goes nuts about this issue, particularly politicians and TSA, let’s realize a few facts about airport security badges. This isn’t like losing the key to your house with your address printed on it. First, the vast majority of missing badges… Continue Reading

It’s Not “Profiling”, It’s “Behavior Detection”… And It Does Work

Recently, information came to light about part of a program implemented and used by the TSA since 2007 as a way to identify potential terrorists and subject them to closer inspection. The program has been criticized as being based on flawed scientific principles, and because none of the passengers detained were subsequently arrested for terrorist activities.… Continue Reading

Flying into Washington DC: are the procedures to intercept good enough?

The recent intentional airspace penetration by a man in a gyrocopter and subsequent landing on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol, raises questions about the airspace around Washington DC. I was recently quoted in a USAToday article, but there are a lot of altitudes and issues here so I thought I’d provide some clarification, along… Continue Reading

A gyrocopter invades the Capitol

From the FAA: “The FAA is working with its aviation security partners in the DC area to investigate an incident involving an aircraft that landed on the west lawn of the Capitol this afternoon. The pilot was not in contact with FAA air traffic controllers and the FAA did not authorize him to enter restricted… Continue Reading

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