According to a CBS news report Jihadists continue to attempt to exploit gaps in aviation security. One website invites members to post methods of circumventing aviation security and how to bypass screening, while others ask about the capabilities of screening detection equipment.

On one site a visitor asks a question involving the whole body imagers: “Can I refuse [to pass through] for religious reasons?” Ironically (or not), this comes on the heels of a Muslim Fatwa (religious order) that called upon the faithful to not go through body scanners because the scholars said the machines violate Islamic rules on nudity. Click here for more information.

Also found on a website is a TSA document discussing the rules for searching passengers.

Combine this with the Christmas bombing attempt and what all this goes to show is that aviation remains a target for terrorists. Aviation provides media coverage, scares the public, draws attention to the Jihadists cause, allows them to better recruit and damages the nation’s economy — everything terrorism desires can be achieved when you attack aviation.

Semper Vigilantes (Always Vigilant).

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