Don’t Panic!

Seems the GA community is in an uproar because some GA Fixed-Base Operators at some commercial service airports have experienced TSA’s new Playbook program. 

See the article here:

What the operators have experienced is a common anti-terrorism measure that is used by police agencies, security personnel and counterterrorism agencies throughout the world. Often known as Random Anti-Terrorism Measures (RAM – the term we used in the textbook) are used to disrupt surveillance and possibly disrupt actual criminal activity. You won’t get a copy of any RAM program – or “Playbook” as TSA has termed it, because to make public these procedures would be the eqivalent of handing out the security code for your home alarm security system.

While the GA world may be worried about this perceived invasion, it is part of an approved security program under Title 49 CFR Part 1542 and the Airport Security Program for a commercial service airport. The FBO’s on a commercial service airport sit either in the Air Operations Area, the Security Identification Display Area or the Secured Area of the airport and are therefore subject to regulatory influences.

Before you panic too much about this incident occurring at a General Aviation airport, keep in mind that currently, commercial service airports are not regulated under Part 1542 the way commercial service airports are. Granted, if the Large Aircraft Security Program goes through, then that could change at some GA airports.


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