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The Habit That Changes Everything

We live in an interesting world. As a species, we are pre-disposed to follow the person who seems to know what’s going on. It’s probably a survival instinct. We often will see a visionary leader, someone who is inspirational and colorful and full of initiative, courage and new ideas. Then everyone gets on board behind… Continue Reading

Paranoia will destroy ya, and so will anger and guilt

The last three pieces of Head Trash addressed by Tish Squillaro and Timothy I. Thomas in their book, HeadTrash!: Cleaning out the Junk That Stands between You and Success, are Anger, Guilt and Paranoia. While anger it is normal for everyone to experience at times, anger typically doesn’t make anything better. It may solve a short-term problem but… Continue Reading

Job Insecurity

Authors Tish Squillaro and Timothy Thomas in their book HeadTrash!: Cleaning out the Junk That Stands between You and Success, believe that insecurity is the most crippling of all the Head Trashes (40). … and I believe it. Of all the Head Trashes, fear, arrogance, insecurity, anger, control, guilt and paranoia, insecurity is probably the one I’ve… Continue Reading

Our Fearful (and arrogant) Leader

Paralysis by analysis. It’s a problem that plagues a lot of organizations, particularly those organizations which are entrenched, often after years of success, and are afraid to make any decision which could result in failure. Better to wait and gather more information than make a bad decision, so goes the thinking of the fearful leader.… Continue Reading

She is here for a unique purpose and you must help her discover it

So when are we giving our kids the wrong kind of encouragement? Many of today’s Millennial’s grew up in the “youth soccer world,” where participation was rewarded with a trophy and there weren’t any winners and losers. That’s fine when you’re six, but not when you’re 14. As much as we can promote win-win and… Continue Reading