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The only thing we have to fear, is the courts ruling that we have something to fear!

Recently, a former airline employee won a $1.4 million judgment against Air Wisconsin Airlines for reporting him as a potential security risk. The Colorado Supreme Court denied Air Wisconsin immunity from the defamation lawsuit, which is now headed to the US Supreme Court. This will be a landmark decision as it may make people afraid to… Continue Reading

Will it happen again? It is decidedly so (but that’s not a reason to miss the game)

I’ve heard that you should give bad news first so here it comes. The Boston Marathon attack is not the last attack. Here’s even worse news, there are only so many security procedures that we can do to prevent the next attack. Was the Boston bombing a success? Certainly. Some common outcomes in terrorism include:… Continue Reading

They are sniffing, but is anyone noticing?

A recent GAO report on TSA’s canine program revealed that while canines have been deployed in record numbers in the past three years TSA needs to do more analysis to ensure the teams are being effectively used. The report also showed that some canine teams were repeatedly not in compliance with TSA’s monthly training requirement, to… Continue Reading

Doing it Right: LAX Police

Recently, an article was published in the Huffington Post regarding airport policing in which myself and several other security experts were quoted.  There are several airports I have trained at, that have exemplified outstanding airport policing practices and I would like to share with you just one of those today. LAX police The Los Angeles… Continue Reading

Don’t hit the snooze on this alarm

When an alarm system is broken, you fix it, you don’t turn off the alarm. But that’s what Congressman Mike Rogers-R (Alabama) who is also the chairman of the Transportation Security Subcommittee Congressman said in a recent Bloomberg article – he believes that the terrorist threat has changed and that we should look at getting rid of… Continue Reading

Ideology Dies Hard, maybe we need Bruce Willis

Ever notice in all the Die Hard movies that once the bad guys are dead, they stay dead? They don’t continue to inspire hundreds if not thousands of others? Too bad movies don’t imitate real life. For the past few years, YouTube has been the place for those really upset with society to get their… Continue Reading

Airport crime statistics are questionable

USAToday (click for the story) reported that crime outside of airports is higher than other areas of many cities. However, I take issue with the listing that Denver International Airport received. Check out the list here. Denver International Airport received a ranking of 421, beating out San Diego and Los Angeles International Airport. I’ve spent… Continue Reading

Implants and Bombs

The latest threat to aviation security now appears to be bombs that are implanted or inserted inside the bomber. Whose to say the next buxom blonde at the checkpoint, isn’t packing bosoms that go boom? Well, let’s look at a few key points. Click here for the story. Concealing items inside the body is not… Continue Reading