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Sky Marshalls – To be or not to be

I was getting ready to slam Adam Minter here about this article, then I read through it carefully. He has several good points and from what I can tell, this is a fairly well researched piece. First, it’s hard to measure deterrence. Can anyone tell me how often a criminal decided to steal another car… Continue Reading

Lawyers, Guns and Money: what will fix aviation security?

Aviation security issues have been getting a lot of attention in the media these past couple of weeks. The three big issues are: Tweeted bomb threats causing flight delays and other disruptions Weapons smuggling by airline employees Highest record of confiscated guns at screening checkpoints since 9/11 So what’s going on? First, let’s tackle the… Continue Reading

Are We Safer 6 – Airport Access Control & Credentialing

It is ironic that today’s topic may relate directly to the shootings at the Washington Navy Yard. If passenger screening is the front door, then airport access control and credentialing programs represent the back door to the aviation security system. From initial reports coming out of Washington today shows that the shooter may have used… Continue Reading

Are We Safer: Part 5 – TSA

On the anniversary of 9/11 I guess it is only fitting to assess the largest change in aviation security to come out of that tragedy, the creation of the Transportation Security Administration. Since its creation in November 2001 this much-maligned agency has been at the center of the aviation security debate for the last decade, not… Continue Reading

Are We Safer: Part 4 – In Flight Security

The primary security responsibility of the air carrier is to keep the airplane and its passengers reasonably safe and protected from unlawful acts of interference. This includes ensuring individuals, their belongings and cargo that are allowed on board by the airline, have been properly screened or inspected by an approved method. This also means ensuring that passengers… Continue Reading

Are We Safer – Part 3: The Screener Workforce

The screener workforce guards the front door of aviation security.   Both prior to and after 9/11 the responsibility to ensure that all passengers and baggage or cargo has been screened prior to being allowed on board an airplane remains the responsibility of the air carrier. Prior to 9/11 the air carriers fulfilled this requirement by… Continue Reading