Aviation Security Summit General Session III continued

Aviation Security Summit General Session III
Security Technology Development and Deployment
Colleen Chamberlin, Staff VP Transportation Security Policy, AAAE
Peter Kant, VP, Global Government Affairs, Rapiscan
Edward Olin, Senior Manager, Program Management, Homeland Security Solutions, Raytheon Technical Services Company, LLC
Moninder Birdi, President, Birdi & Associates Inc.

(written in real-time during the session – please forgive grammatical and structure errors – comments are paraphrased, unless enclosed in quotes)

Peter Kant: the focus post 9/11 was to roll out equipment that met legislative mandates, view technologies as discrete applications, meet detection certification and create funding processes. Post 9/11, it was about how fast can we get anything that meets the bare minimum out. Now, the next question is, what is the next question?

Can you create a risk based model?

Current statue: systems view, greater integration of technology; update certification standards, global harmonization of standards, introduction of operating standard PGDS and Checkpoint Design Guide and more focus on operational suitability and effectiveness.

Kant pointed out to a key problem within the industry, is that U.S. screening technologies in the U.S. is similar to those machines used in many other countries, however we rescreen everyone when the move from one airport to another.

Future –
Risk Based Screening – focus on merging multiple technologies, building the ability to assess risk and provide the appropriate level of screening: passenger, baggage and cargo, improve cost and efficiencies while meeting regulatory standards, compatible and sustainable.

Security Manufacturers Coalition – working together to meet future detection and inspection needs, to create a single type of process for the passenger, but allow varying levels of security for the regulator.

Edward Olin gave a presentation on how airports and airlines can better facilitate the installation of explosive detection systems.

Monider Birdi gave a presentation on how to develop an Airport Security Program using his experience at Los Angeles International Airport.

– the most secure airport in the world has no airplanes, or passenger – the most operational efficient airport in the world has no security –


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