Aviation Security Summit General Session III

Aviation Security Summit General Session III
Innovative Approaches to Security Infrastructure
Carter Morris, SVP Transportation Security Policy, AAAE
The Honorable Michael Jackson

(written in real-time during the session – please forgive grammatical and structure errors – comments are paraphrased, unless enclosed in quotes)

Jackson, formerly of the TSA, believes that TSA needs to think and do differently, the way they acquire and use technology. The problem is not in technology, but in how it deals with the private sector. “The fundamental question, needs to be asked, is what is inherently governmental and what is not.”

Jackson discussed a proposal to streamline the federal procurement process.

Jackson was part of building the TSA over 10 years ago – Carter Morris asks his impressions ten years later and how much of his initial vision are still online.

A: Jackson believes the focus on risk is a move forward, but remains worried that we let our ambition, pushes us into a “magic wand,” situation, where the industry believes it’s the solution to a complex problem. The key is ensuring that the person that presents themselves to you is the person who they say they are. What’s known as “pre-check” today, Jackson said was an initiative he went to Congress with several times without success.

It’s frustrating to think that we give a shakedown to “little old ladies,” but if we tell everyone that we’re not going to screen little old ladies, that’s exactly where you’ll find the next bomb.

Jackson also encouraged a review of the rules and processes, that may no longer be necessary due to newer technologies.


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