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Columbine and Airport Security

On the 10th anniversary of Columbine, I’ve been reading Dave Cullen’s excellent book on the subject and having some insights as related to airport security. First, my personal connection to Columbine was as a Jefferson County public information officer for the Jeffco Airport at the time. All available PIO’s were sent to the site the… Continue Reading

Okay, now panic

The Denver Post reported today about the impacts of Security Directive 08F on several small commercial service airports in Colorado. To view the article, click here. DISCLOSURE: Since 08F is a Security Directive and by nature, is Sensitive Security Information, I will not divulge any information here that has not already appeared in the Denver… Continue Reading

Don’t Panic!

Seems the GA community is in an uproar because some GA Fixed-Base Operators at some commercial service airports have experienced TSA’s new Playbook program.  See the article here: What the operators have experienced is a common anti-terrorism measure that is used by police agencies, security personnel and counterterrorism agencies throughout the world. Often known as… Continue Reading

Classification Fever

The passengers on United Flight 93 knew the real intent of the hijackers on their flight. With that information, they were able to take action and in all likelihood, prevented the destruction of the White House or the U.S. Capitol. Unfortunately, the Department of Homeland Security seems to be wrapped up in the over-classification of… Continue Reading

Security Theater? To be or not to be?

I’ve heard the term “security theater” used several times to describe the aviation security system. I’m not completely sure where or who started the term, but it’s worthy of addressing because it seems to get used by various experts and non-experts whenever the media needs a quick sound bite. But, let’s take a hard look… Continue Reading

Obama Adminstration looks at TSA

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal (Feb 17, 2009) pointed out that the Obama Administration is considering changes to airport security procedures. The usual suspects weighed in with their opinions and I’m sure there is no lack of opinions amongst the general public about what should and should not be done with aviation… Continue Reading

Is there a mathematical approach to profiling

A recent article in the New York Times discussed the issue of profiling. Click here for the article. Essentially, the article concluded that strong profiling is not effective at detecting malfeasors (people who want to do bad things). Therefore, why profile at all? The article also suggested an alternative mathematical method that may have more… Continue Reading