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LAX Terminal Shooter: Should TSA Be Armed?

As more information continues to come out about the incident in Los Angeles, the question I have been getting most today relates to whether TSA screeners should be armed. Well, here’s some insight – there are TSA personnel that are armed. Obviously the air marshals, but also the Assistant Federal Security Director for Law Enforcement.… Continue Reading


Force equals Mass times Acceleration (F=Ma) It’s a basic equation in physics and applies in violent encounters. If you can apply enough force, using either mass, acceleration or both, you can ‘force’ someone to have a reaction. If you hit them in the right spot, you will force them into an involuntary response. This may… Continue Reading

It’s a fricken laser beam

You may have heard recently about the lasing incidents taking place at LaGuardia Airport, and if you haven’t, check this link. Or, if you don’t like checking links, here’s the short version: Several aircraft have been hit with lasers while on approach to LaGuardia and the Joint Terrorism Task Force has been put on the case.… Continue Reading

Focus on the Positive – Your Voice is now Eternal

Why is it that leaders, managers and even parents have a tendency to focus on what’s wrong rather than what’s right? Neuroscience has shown that we care more about the threat of bad things than we do about the prospect of good things (Carnegie and Cole 177). Even when we are trying to encourage others… Continue Reading