Are you doing the right thing?

Many airport access control systems are coming up for an upgrade. Many are over 10 years old so it’s about time. Will you integrate biometrics into your next or upgraded access control system?

While not presently required by TSA, biometrics provide a significant additional layer of security. Presently, if you do not have biometrics programmed into your access control system, anyone who can obtain an ID badge (find a lost one, steal one), can access the security areas of your airport.

The insider threat is very real and our industry relies significantly on conducting background checks on personnel we issue badges to. Shouldn’t we also ensure that when we do give someone the metaphorical “keys to our house,” that at least they are ones using them?

“The threats are changing faster than the regulations,” (Lori Beckman, of Aviation Security Consulting at the AAAE/TSA/DHS Annual Aviation Security Summit, 2014).

If the bad thing happens at your airport, how will you answer this question from your board: did you do everything you could have to prevent it? Don’t hide behind the fact you may be in compliance with the regulations – do the right thing.


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