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Give me a lever long enough and I shall move the world (how to really achieve goals)

For nearly 20 years I have conducted two goalsetting workshops every year as part of my aviation job targeting course at MSU Denver. I have helped literally thousands of people establish and articulate their goals, and develop a plan of action to achieve them, yet the majority still fall short. For years I have wondered… Continue Reading

I’m here to pump, you up

I love the line in Pitch Perfect when Anna Kendrick’s character tells Brittany Snow’s character to “Make good choices.” Of course its in reference to Snow’s character getting a little buzz on at a party, but its also just good life advice, particularly when it comes to eating and exercise (and Kendrick, the Tony and Academy… Continue Reading

Friends are a Benefit

As I wrap up the 50 books in 50 weeks series it dawned on me today that there are two movies I referenced frequently, Dazed and Confused and Up In The Air. The first one is the homage to cruising, sort of the American Graffitti for the 1970s, but it’s filled with all sorts of coming… Continue Reading

Be Extraordinary

“How can I stand out?” It’s a question I’m often asked by my students (and graduates). In a world where many people are coming to the table with relatively equal qualifications how can anyone set themselves apart from the crowd? When I was growing up the way to stand out was to get a college… Continue Reading