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The one thing that I’ve learned in the short span of time that I’ve been a parent is that being a parent means feeling helpless a lot of the time – in fact, these are the exact words used by Michael Thompson, Catherine O’Neill Grace and Lawrence Cohen, authors of Best Friends, Worst Enemies: Understanding the… Continue Reading

The Washington Generals Always Lose

The airport industry is finding out what it’s like to be the Washington Generals, the perennial opponent of the Harlem Globetrotters, forever destined to play their hearts out but ultimately lose. In the latest round, the Globetrotters (TSA), and the airport industry (the Generals) are facing off over the issue of exit lane security. TSA… Continue Reading

That Funny Feeling

Whenever I teach body language reading or lie detecting through body language, the biggest challenge is trying to remember all of the individual little tells that people use to try to cover their own BS. Probably one of the most popular forms of body language detection is through the use the holy grail of behavior detection… Continue Reading