Private Aviation Security Trainings

Airport management training is available for your airport. Be sure your staff is trained on the latest security techniques available before they NEED to know the information.

aaae_mastheadThe AAAE/Certified Member review course

Bring the AAAE Certified Member review course to your airport. This designation is a respected credential for individuals seeking employment or promotion within the airport management profession, for professionals who interface with airport executives and for airport personnel who may not wish to complete the full accreditation process.
The course can be taken individually at the South Central Chapter-AAAE Loretta Scott Accreditation / Certification academy, or by contacting AAAE, Amy Calliari ( and ordering an on-site for your airport staff.
The Airport Certified Employee-Security review course
AAAE is proud to offer the Airport Certified Employee (ACE) – Security professional certification program. This program is designed to establish a general knowledge base for airport professionals working in the fluid security environment.
The Airport Certified Employee (ACE) – Security program is an extensive curriculum based on 49 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) – 1500 Series: Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Regulations and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Annex 17. The ACE – Security Review Course meets the TSA 1542.3 requirements for Airport Security Coordinators (ASC) and alternate ASC’s, and builds upon the existing working security knowledge of aviation professionals.
Take advantage of this unique program and earn your comprehensive security certification today. This program is carefully designed for aviation personnel tasked with security responsibilities from the airport, air carrier, indirect air carrier and general aviation sectors. The content of the body of knowledge contains a unique blend of U.S. and international regulatory advisory information that is intended to establish a baseline of aviation security knowledge for professionals working in this dynamic environment. Contact Starla Bryant to set up an on-site at your airport or organization.
The Airport Emergency Management review course
An airport manager’s job is never more important than during an emergency. Lives are on the line and unless your staff is trained and ready to perform, the liability and the impacts can be irreversible. AAAE has developed a three-day Airport Emergency Management course that features a tabletop exercise and case studies that will help prepare airport operations, police, security and other response or recovery personnel for the day no one hopes will ever happen. The course features a one-day review of NIMS, then two days of airport emergency management. An additional NIMS review day can be added if desired. Contact Starla Bryant to set up an on-site at your airport or organization.


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