Aviation Consulting

Aviation Management and Security Consulting Services

Jeff Price, Principal at Leading Edge Strategies has extensive real world and academic experience in the field of general aviation airport management, general aviation and commercial aviation airport security and airport operations.

The new Transportation Security Regulations can be complicated and difficult to implement. Leading Edge Strategies can develop an Airport Security Program that meets the TSA’s standards. We will work with you throughout the process, meeting with TSA and airport management personnel and working until all key stakeholders are not only satisfied with the final document, but that security at your facility has indeed been improved.

Consulting Services:

  • Airport security planning, process improvement, audits, best practices
  • Airport emergency plan development / tabletop and full scale exercise facilitation
  • General aviation airport management principles, business planning, public relation, complaint and issues resolution (Part 13 and Part 16)

Specialty Areas:

  • Airport Security Program development under Title 49 CFR Part 1542 for a commercial service airport.
  • General aviation airport security program under TSA guidance document A-0001, or Partial Airport Security Program for General Aviation operators whose airports accept aircraft over 12,500 lbs.
  • Indirect Air Carrier Standard Security Program for freight forwarders under Title 49 CFR Part 1548.
  • Security Programs for your general aviation facility, FBO, flight school, charter operator, university flight program or virtually any business that operates on an airport.
  • Airport Emergency Plan development under Title 49 CFR Part 139
  • Airport Certification Manual development under Title 49 CFR Part 139

Expert Witness:

Served as an expert witness on the 9/11 case against the airports (Massport, PANYNJ and MWAA), and have served as an expert witness or advisor in aviation security and safety operational practices

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