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Focus on the Positive – Your Voice is now Eternal

Why is it that leaders, managers and even parents have a tendency to focus on what’s wrong rather than what’s right? Neuroscience has shown that we care more about the threat of bad things than we do about the prospect of good things (Carnegie and Cole 177). Even when we are trying to encourage others… Continue Reading

I value you, I appreciate you and I influence you

One thing we all want to know is whether we have made a difference. Some people attempt to achieve this in negative ways, while most of us go about our lives just hoping that something we’ve done matters. Although I am firmly entrenched in middle-age I have noticed that as I have gotten older my… Continue Reading

How do I win friends and influence people, digitally?

Dale Carnegie is one of the uncontested leaders of the human performance movement. Growing up, his name was frequently invoked in my house as my mom once took one of his courses. Years later, I came to discover that many of Carnegie’s principles were regurgitated and rediscovered over and over in the works of many… Continue Reading

Being of sound mind and body

As Dr. Phil says, let’s get real (or something like that). If you don’t know by now that your body is connected to your mind, you’re either incapable of reading or you’re incapable of logical thought and common sense. The field of research on the mind-body connection is exhaustive and trying to disprove that there… Continue Reading

The Goal-Excellence Connection

I have been teaching goalsetting for nearly 20 years but it always amazes me when I can find even better methods for setting and achieving goals. Surfing legend Laird Hamilton, in his book, Force of Nature: Mind, Body, Soul, And, of Course, Surfing, provides some solid advice here. Visualize. This is one part of goalsetting that… Continue Reading

“Obviously a major malfunction”

On January 29, 1986 I turned on the TV as the Space Shuttle Challenger climbed gracefully and powerfully into the sky, then watched as it exploded. The public affairs officer narrating the launch said those fateful words heard ’round the world: “Obviously a major malfunction.” In 1977, two Boeing 747’s collided on the runway on… Continue Reading