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TSA wants to talk to you

It’s too early to tell if TSA’s new approach to behavior detection will work. Click here for full story. Unfortunately, the United States has a history of taking something that works really well, adapts it, but not without taking out the thing that made it effective in the first place. Hopefully, this will not be… Continue Reading

Airport crime statistics are questionable

USAToday (click for the story) reported that crime outside of airports is higher than other areas of many cities. However, I take issue with the listing that Denver International Airport received. Check out the list here. Denver International Airport received a ranking of 421, beating out San Diego and Los Angeles International Airport. I’ve spent… Continue Reading

No Golden Rule for the TSA

There is a lot of entertainment recently with the controversy over the Longmont, Colorado woman who allegedly groped a TSA screener. While this is a turnabout from what usually occurs, it’s not likely to change TSA’s procedures. Currently, under the 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the TSA employee is conducting a lawful search, and  despite… Continue Reading

Implants and Bombs

The latest threat to aviation security now appears to be bombs that are implanted or inserted inside the bomber. Whose to say the next buxom blonde at the checkpoint, isn’t packing bosoms that go boom? Well, let’s look at a few key points. Click here for the story. Concealing items inside the body is not… Continue Reading

Subject: Secure at Any Cost?

I’m sure everyone has now heard about the TSA requiring a 95-year-old woman to remove her diaper as part of a pat-down at a screening checkpoint. Frequent readers of this blog may expect me to talk about profiling or the use of K-9’s instead of this embarrassing screening process however, I’m going to take a… Continue Reading

What’s TSA up to?

It’s always good to see the folks from TSA headquarters and find out the latest and greatest. Last week they were at the American Association of Airport Executives Annual Conference, in Atlanta. Several of the usual suspects were on hand, along with, at one point, TSA Administrator John Pistole. The hottest issue on everyone’s mind… Continue Reading

Assault at Denver International Airport

I used to work as the assistant security director at Denver International Airport. When I saw the story about the recent sexual assault that took place int the terminal building it reminded me, as it should remind every aviation security practitioner and passenger and employee, that aviation security is not just about preventing terrorism, it’s also about… Continue Reading

TSA is under fire for advanced screening of a 6-year-old, and they should be

A TSA screener at the New Orleans’ Armstrong International Airport conducted an advanced pat-down of a 6-year-old girl. According to the TSA, and from watching the video, the screener conducted the pat-down in accordance with the proper procedures and was polite about the process. However, the TSA has said that the advanced pat-down will not be… Continue Reading