On this episode of a Few Good Minutes of Aviation Safety and Security, Jeff Price introduces a new format coming with shorter more focused segments. In this episode, Jeff discusses the US being back in space and the innovation that can arise. He also talks about taxes, wasted resources, drones, new protocols for chartering airplanes, masks, aviation career advice and more!



Hi, Jeff Price with Leading Edge Strategies. Before we start the show, I wanted to let my subscribers know that this is the last show for this format. We are changing format and changing titles. The new format will be fewer segments but more tightly focused and a little bit more in depth. The new title is a few good minutes of aviation safety and security news. So sit back and enjoy this final show for this format and I hope to see you next week for the new format the new show and thank you for liking, subscribing, supporting and recommending us to your friends.

The United States is back in space. The launch of the crew Dragon spacecraft was exciting. Both for the launch itself but also what it means for all of us. If you’re not excited about the US. being back in space you should be and here’s why. Space solves problems. When we explore space the technologies and the innovations that are created to overcome the incredibly difficult job of sending humans into outer space. Create spin-off benefits in many other areas including medicine, engineering, weather forecasting, renewable energy, safer airplanes, safer
cars hundreds of thousands of other areas. Most importantly, space exploration inspires young minds to pursue careers the scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians. When space is your mission, you don’t need incentive programs to get kids into the STEM fields. The space program. is incentive enough. Hey kids want to pursue a career in mathematics or engineering and help us get to Mars? The answer to our problems aren’t here in the cave they’re outside there beyond the known horizons. It’s time to get out of the cave and start exploring the next frontier again.

NASA has selected three companies to design and develop human landing systems for the agency’s Artemis program. One component of that program will land the first woman and the next man on the moon by 2024. Unfortunately, NASA rejected my suggestion that we fund the mission by making it a reality TV show. Look, we’ll send 10 men 10 women every week they vote on who should leave. Sort of a cross between Survivor and the Hunger Games. This brings a whole new meaning to getting voted off the island.

Welcome to our new category wasting taxpayer funds. I am amazed at our country’s ability to create a problem where none previously existed. And then spend billions of dollars to solve that Problem. The US Air Force announced an open bid process to select the permanent home of the US Space Command. Space Command has already had a home since 1982. Colorado Springs, Colorado Peterson Air Force Base. What sense does it make to spend billions of dollars relocating a facility that served it’s function well. Now we’re going to spend billions in taxpayer money. Why not just leave the base where it’s at . Construct any needed improvements. Look this is just stupid. It’s your tax dollars being tossed into the wind. Air Force, I love you but this week you get the dumbest idea ever award.

Game of drones. I’m happy to report my sons and I finally got a drone up in the air with our properly registered maverick Pro. We spent part of Saturday at a park in Broomfield, Colorado just north of Sheridan Boulevard near C470. Those of you familiar with the location. We use the new low altitude authorization and notification capability to ensure we were approved to fly in that location. The boys even let me have a turn of the controls.

In an unrelated story a Colorado man and his two sons reported their drone went missing somewhere in the area of Sheridan Boulevard near C470 in Broomfield, Colorado.
Affordable charter flights. For many people the thought of flying at a privately chartered aircraft it’s just a fantasy it’s not the real thing. #AldoNova Chartered aircraft is like booking a limo when you charter an airplane you say when you want to leave and if you’re late, oh well. In charters you’re the boss and the boss is never late. There aren’t any TSA security lines. They’ll wedge it yourself into a tiny seat with no legroom and 200 people you don’t know. Plus you can fly in over 4,000 plus airports instead of the 414 offered by the airline’s. The State Aviation Journal reports that a new company Kinect Air is launching a different model for pad years that want to charter an airplane. Using an app, you can book a low-cost charter aircraft to destinations within a thousand miles of your home airport. Kinect Air plans on using the Cirrus sr22 for shorter trips that holds up to five passengers, has its own parachute system and the Pilatas pc-12 for longer flights and can carry up to nine passengers.

Breaking news! Now it’s time for a weather report for a man on the scene Jeff Price. Jeff, how’s it looking out there? Okay, Jeff thank you for that insightful report.

United Airlines is giving out health goodies now including a mask, a small snack, a bottle of water to their passengers. Strong move United, I mean that sincerely that’s taking care of your customers.

Speaking of masks, we all know how hot those things can get. I’ve come up with a great solution. Let’s take your standard mask, get some scissors. Now very carefully cut out some
holes it’s kind of like making a snowflake when you were a kid. Now I’ve already got a mask here I can show you. This will allow for fresh air to get in your lungs and carbon dioxide to expel
from your lungs.

Now for a minutes worth of aviation career advice. Obviously, it’s hard to get hired when the economy is bad and the airlines are laying off employees. So what can you do. First go where the jobs are. There are some areas of the industry that are still hiring charter operations, business aircraft, that whole area is starting to boom. Look at different parts of the country or the world. If you can’t find a job, continue to become an expert in your industry. If you’re a pilot, build hours, get additional certificates and ratings. If you’re an aerospace or aviation management look for professional industry certificates, master’s degrees, educational programs to pursue. Adding a few of these to your resume may be just enough of an edge to get you the job offer over other highly qualified applicants.

Mullet watch. As you can see the mullet is in full bloom now. You may wonder how he did this so fast. It’s a new product called Chia mullet. You just put this mixture of stuff they use and Chia Pets along with some water on your head stay completely still for four to six hours and then
watch that mullet grow.

Finally, it’s time for Harrison Ford watch, where we count how many days it’s been since Harrison Ford has had an aviation incident. As of June 15 2020, it’s been 51 days. I just wanted to add a couple of things to the end of the Harrison Ford bit. We love actor Harrison Ford tremendously. He’s been an iconic movie character throughout most of our lives. He’s been in some of the most iconic movies of our times. Just a great entertainer and a great actor and that’s part of the reason I enjoyed this bit so much. Which means Harrison we really want you to stay alive. We know you’ve got a lot of great years ahead of you and we want to continue enjoying the great characters you’ve brought to the screen.

So this is a short, short video very short that has helped so many pilots and airfield drivers that I’ve trained over the years and it’s from a real top pilot and I think you’ll get some good words
of advice from them. So take a quick look and stay safe.

Hi I’m Harrison Ford and on behalf of the Federal Aviation Administration’s runway safety office I encourage you to put safety first. As a licensed pilot. I have a healthy respect for the rules and regulations set forth in the aviation community. Take the time to become familiar with your Airport and constantly stay alert to your surroundings. Whether you’re piloting an aircraft or a person granted with driving privileges on the airport grounds, play it safe think before you act.

That’s it here for this week’s update. Join us again for our next episode. Please subscribe and like,
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