Jeff Price from Leading Edge Strategies and welcome to our new format. We have six minutes of aviation safety and security news. I know there’s plenty of information feeds out there so we get all those on a daily basis and there’s no way to keep track of them all so I’m bringing that to you. We’re here for the big hits from the big websites on your big station So, let’s get started. Now the big news of course is United’s plan to cut about a third of its pilot workforce. This will send ripples throughout the entire industry because with the pilot cuts also come flight attendant cuts and cuts for maintenance workers, administrative personnel and also most recently we found out that the personnel that are under International Association of Machinists and Aerospace contracts have been told they are no longer full-time employees and will now be part-time employees, so this is what we’re seeing throughout the industry. Unfortunately, there is a lot more cuts from a lot more airlines.


For the pandemic update. Well, let’s switch from some bad news to some more snooze. Many airlines in airports today are starting to require passengers and personnel to wear face coverings all the time. Which frankly is just a really good idea. Now, Paine field is actually taking this a step further. They have a fever detection system now in the airport which can use a thermal camera to detect whether people have a fever over 100 degrees or not. If they do (this is done prior to the screening checkpoint) if they do, then they’re referred to the airline to determine if the airline wants to take them or not. You can refuse a screening, but the airline is still informed if you’ve refused the screening. However, I should also say that the system is accurate up to 0.3 degrees Celsius but since I was born in the United States we never really figured out the metric system so I have no idea what that is in Fahrenheit. Google it.


Moving on, oh also we found out that initial rumors were untrue. We had heard things about

additional medical procedures you can get that at Paine field such as colonoscopies, appendectomies and gallbladder removal but those initial rumors have turned out to be not true.


After Harrison Ford starved the Star Wars series, the Indiana Jones series, the Jack Ryan Tom

Clancy movies novels series. Matter of fact, Harrison Ford’s just starred in everything in every movie since the beginning of cinema. Unfortunately, got into more trouble with the Federal

Aviation Administration and at the (summary report here) Hawthorne Municipal Airport he crossed the runway. Okay, it was just about three years ago that the actor had another problem where he inadvertently landed on a taxiway at John Wayne County Airport over an American Airlines aircraft that was taxiing out for takeoff onto the runway. And then several years earlier he was in a plane crash  just off the Santa Monica Airport into the golf course and fortunately, you know he lived through all of that. But okay so he’s not received any disciplinary action so far for anything but I’m okay with that. Aren’t you? I mean really the man’s an American icon. When he flies we should just issue a temporary flight restriction and let him go. We could, I mean air traffic control can just give him a clearance. Say yes Mr. Ford or Mr. Solo or Mr. Jones whatever you’d like to use you’re cleared for landing or delay 36 left or 36 right or 18 or 20 or 02 or taxiway alpha Bravo Charlie, the grass in between the runways, the parking garage or the 405 at your discretion good day sir.


Okay, no bomb was found on a flight departing from the Anchorage Airport despite a bomb threat. If there’d been a bomb, this would be a bigger news story.


Also in the past two months of the Quarantine, TSA has been seeing about 95 to 97% less passenger traffic but they’ve actually been getting more guns. The rationale for this really is TSA has more time to spend with each passenger. You know really get to know them. Their likes, their dislikes, their favorite color. You know the most influential famous person; you know the famous celebrity to really get to know the passengers is very important for security. Reality is they do actually have more time to screen passengers. Another fact here, is right after the quarantine started people all across the country rushed the gun stores to try and acquire some weapons thinking this could be the beginning of Armageddon or something. So lot more guns out there these days.


For that Segway, industry analysis are looking anywhere from two to five years for full recovery from the airline industry.


That does wrap up today’s report and join us again for our next installment of six minutes of aviation safety and security, It might be six minutes or less. I’m not really keeping track. Hey, if you don’t like this news, go out and make some of your own news but definitely join us for next

installment where I’m going to do a special report a serious one on what could be the next threat to the airline industry.

Alright peace.



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