We didn’t start the fire, but maybe we should

Crisis provides clarity. Crisis reveals character. Crisis shows who is going to step up. A can also either destroy a business, or it can burn away the underbrush of a bloated and listless organization, leaving fertile ground for a new organization to emerge. To handle a crisis effectively requires an organization to change. Whether its… Continue Reading

What works may not be what works

Going through the facilitation training to become certified to train Franklin Covey’s leadership module series plus my time in the workforce has given me the opportunity to observe a lot of management strategies meant to increase efficiencies and provide a better workplace for employees. One of the things I learned from The Year without Pants: WordPress.com and… Continue Reading

Don’t Stop Believing

One of the biggest fears many of us have is the fear of making a decision. Of course, we have been taught all of our lives not make the wrong decision so it is natural that this seems to be a universal fear (Jeffers 101). After all, its been conditioned in us since youth (and… Continue Reading

Get Started

The 1st habit in the 7 habits of Highly Effective People is to Be Proactive. Unfortunately, many people do not completely understand this concept when they are first introduced to it. Most people assume it means to not be reactive, and to a certain extent they are correct. Habit 1, Be Proactive, means to take… Continue Reading

The Truths of Fear

A big part of feeling the fear and doing it anyway is realizing that there is not going to come a time in the short or long-term future where fear will go away. A big part of our success in life is learning to live with these fears but be able to blast through them.… Continue Reading

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